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Why are questions asked?

The Blueprint of Your Life and Your Current Life Cycle consultations are about understanding where we are on our journey to completion - fulfilling the personal potential we have come to manifest.  Questions are important because each of the metaphysical archetype symbols have a different meaning according to the state of awareness that we are experiencing.  For example, a strong Saturn for a child can mean either a period of structured growth or a period of contracted self expression.  So, a clarifying question or two is well in order!

Your Soul Blueprint Consultations map the forces that lead us to

our highest potential and fulfillment.  

Our life is a reflection of what we do with these forces.

Your Soul Blueprint Consultations map the critical decision points in a person's life, and guide the use of free will and human effort.  Our life is the substance of our character.  Character is our destiny, and understanding the nature of our character is far more useful than a peek into someone's crystal ball!  In The Blueprint of Your Life and Your Current Life Cycle consultations, human beings are respected, encouraged and understood as being endowed with free will and the inner spark of Divinity Itself.  These sessions are like a mapping of the weather -- yes it will rain on Tuesday, but now that you know this, you don't have to get wet. (Free will!)  Some circumstances of our lives may be fixed (i.e. gender, childhood, and temperament) but what we do with them and how we respond is up to us!

Your Soul Blueprint Consultations are a rich opportunity to shape your life according to the greatest potential you have.  

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