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Your Soul Blueprint

A Unique Approach to Personal Counseling


At the center of all life is a silent, transcendent still point. It is a point of light around which all things form and are given life.  This still point is the presence of Divinity within Creation.  It is the formlessness around which forms emerge.  It is the basis of ineffable peace, love, wisdom and joy.  It belongs to no one religion, spirituality or path.  It is within us as our inherent nature.  It is our birthright.  All mystics know this point and live from its fullness.  

The Blueprint of Your Life and Your Current Life Cycle counseling sessions deal with the three primary questions of life.

Who am I?

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

True Life Counseling starts with the three primary questions of life.  We are each unique expressions of the Divine, and realizing our true identity and True Self is the overall purpose of our lives.  In this quest, there are lessons to be learned and certain personal and spiritual strengths to be brought to bear.  

Our unique "plan" can be revealed through an understanding of our make-up in metaphysics as well as psychology.  The Blueprint of Your Life uses many metaphysical markers to map our individual characteristics and how they play out in our journey to fullness with our Divine Nature.  Using the language and principles of astronomy, physics, mathematics and metaphysical archetypes of ancient astronomy and the modern psychology of Carl Jung, we can describe a personal blueprint that is as precise in its way as our DNA.

As the mathematics of astronomy provides precision, the deep understanding of the relationships between these points in space gives us insight into what energies, cycles  and situations the soul has chosen for itself during a particular lifetime.  

Knowing why you are here and who you have come to be, is an invaluable tool on life's journey - we can't know where we're going until we know who we are.  The Blueprint of Your Life unfolds the fundamental qualities, strengths and developmental tasks of the human being on the journey to, as Abraham Maslow terms, Self Realization.  

The Blueprint of Your Life is an extraordinary means of understanding who we are and what we have come to be.  It is both a road map and a guideline.  We see the larger picture of our true nature and what it innately wishes to express.  It is as if we are characters on a stage in a great Play of Life.  In this consultation we get to see more clearly the roles that we have come to play and the most natural means to use all of the strengths and talents we have on hand.  

Some people say that the great gift of The Blueprint of Your Life consultation is understanding and clarity, others say that it explains more than just who we are, but why we are here; and all say that this understanding gives great relief and great compassion for where we are, how we got there, and how we can unfold our greatest potential.  

These consultations are a rich opportunity to shape your life according to the greatest potential you have.

It is truly the "Blueprint of Life," 

"Not an ordinary experience... a rare and precious gift."

Knowing how your soul has chosen to manifest its lessons and experiences in this lifetime is a rare and precious gift.  This knowledge has changed many, many lives, and it has inspired those who have this knowledge to live their lives to the fullest with great confidence, compassion and grace.

We want you to have an experience that will make a big difference in your life -- that will give you clarity and insight to make the most of this life's journey.  

We want your experience of knowing your purpose at birth and knowing how it changes along the way to be one of the highlights of your journey.  

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