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Your Current Life Cycle 


"Imagine walking through a beautiful cathedral on a sunny day, stained glass windows casting images of light on highly polished floors.   The Blueprint of Your Life is a description of our individual stained glass window, our individuality, our uniqueness."  


Using the stained glass metaphor, as time passes, and as we grow socially, psychologically, spiritually, the shadow cast by the stained glass window (our individual nature) changes due to the figurative changing position of the sun in the sky.  Your Current Life Cycle consultation describes the changes we are going through at this specific time in our lives.  It includes what major cycles of growth we may be in, strengths inherent in the time period to bring us to fulfillment, achievement, peace of mind and inner contentment, as well as areas of challenge and the means to overcome these challenges.  


During Your Current Life Cycle consultation we cover questions of family, health, career, relationships, goals and whatever areas may seem important at the time.  I always remind you that these conditions are subject to your free will.  The Universe may bring rain, but we have to make the effort to collect it in a container if we want to drink!  The best consultations are "interactive."  I encourage questions, dialogue and discussion.


Clarifying Questions for Your Current Life Cycle Consultation:

I want you to think about the answers to these questions.  There is no right or wrong answers. Your feedback is used to go to the areas in your Blueprint that are more active in your experience at this time.

  • What major areas of your life do you want to focus on in this consultation?

  • What would you like the next phase of your life to look like?

  • What do you feel drives you forward and what seems to hold you back?


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